Policy Documents

CDMT Recognised School

CJ’s is a CDMT Recognised school and meets the following nine requirements of professional practice

  1. Have and adhere to appropriate Professional Policies and Procedures in respect of the following: health and safety (including safe dance practice), safeguarding, equal opportunities and customer service (including feedback and complaints)
  2. Ensure valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates are in place for all members of staff including teachers, administrators and all ancillary staff
  3. Hold appropriate and adequate Insurance
  4. Adhere to the CDMT Code of Professional Conduct and Practice or recognised equivalent
  5. Make the Nine Requirements for Recognised Schools document publically available, together with the following Key Information: contact details, timetables and venues for examinations and all performance events
  6. Ensure that the majority of teaching is delivered by teachers with appropriate Teaching Qualifications i.e. hold a CDMT, Ofqual or other government recognised teaching qualification at QCF Level 3 or above. Teachers not holding (or working towards) such a teaching qualification should be in the minority but will still demonstrate Professional Experience to the satisfaction of CDMT
  7. Employ or engage all teachers on appropriate Teaching Contracts
  8. Conduct annual Staff Appraisals and offer relevant Continuing Professional Development within the organisation
  9. Keep formal Financial Accounts which are independently inspected or audited where required by law.