Aspiring Professionals

Many of our pupils aspire to become professional dancers, this is not an easy path to take and high standards are expected in order to gain places on dance and musical theatre courses.

Our ‘Aspire’ dance programme aims to bridge that gap between dance as a hobby to that of a career.

Carol and Rachel head up the Aspiring Professionals classes with lessons also being taught by visiting teachers. Emily Bainbridge who is studying at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts also teaches in the classes when she is home. 

In addition to the weekly ‘Aspire’ lessons there are also links with professional dancers. Lawrence Parsons choreographed a routine for our gifted and talented group for the recent show at The Marlowe Theatre, this routine was also selected to be a part of the ‘Evolve Dance Platform.’ 

CJs is also one of the schools selected to be part of the Marlowe Dance Network, this year the girls are part of the Planets dance show being performed in July 2019 at the Marlowe. Their piece is choreographed by Anje Howie 

Dancers can also take part in the ‘Phoenix Associates’ classes which are held monthly in London and offer outstanding Musical Theatre & Dance masterclasses led by well known performers or companies from around the world.


The ‘Aspire’ dance programme is by invitation only.

Aspiring Professionals
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Aspiring Professionals