New to Exams

Exam Information: what you need to know

3 -4 times per year we hold exam sessions where we have an outside examiner from our exam board (British Theatre Dance Association) come to assess our dancers during a formal exam session.

We run exams for children right from the moment they begin with bronze and silver mimes right through to vocational examinations.

If we decide to enter your child for an exam session they will come out of class with a little white slip of paper. This will give you the name of the exam and the price and also how and when to pay for it.

Registering your child with the examinations board
Every child needs to be registered with our exam board, this is a one-off process and once it is done they can be entered for any future exams. Please follow the instructions below.

Enrolment procedure for exams
All children wishing to take exams with us will need to follow a one off enrolment process with our examining board. (British Theatre Dance Association). Once this has been completed is does not need to be repeated

Please follow the following steps

  1. Go to website:
  2. Then once online, enter our centres unique registration number (5189F0E0) and postcode (CT16 1NS) this should then take you straight to the registration form. Check the centre name is listed as CJ’s Dance and Fitness Studios.
  3. Please fill this form in and submit it.

You will now have registered your child with the B.T.D.A’s new online exam registration system to be entered for any future exams

Please Note: the form asks you for a ULN (unique learning number), this is not necessary, unless, your child is 14 or over and wishes their exam results to be added to their Personal Learning Records (PRL). If they have done any examinations in secondary school then the schools will have a copy of this number. We advise you to do this if your child is 14 or over, as credits from some exams can count towards university points


What does my child need to wear for their exam?

Children doing Silver and Gold Mime Award, (Generally children in tiny toes or silver rose ballet and tap class) will need to wear white ballet tights, a pink leotard, a pink skirt and pink ballet shoes. These items are specific and not general, so if you do not already have them you will need to order them from us. (Boys will need to wear, boys black dance leggings, or fitted shorts, a white boys leotard or white t.shirt, white socks and black ballet shoes).

Ballet/Tap Prep, Primary and Intro 1
Pink leotard, white ballet tights, pink skirt, ballet or tap shoes.

Ballet/Tap, Grade 1 onwards
Black leotard, white ballet tights, purple belt, ballet or tap shoes.

Modern Jazz
Silver/Gold Rose, Prep, Primary
Pink Leotard, footless stirrup shimmer tights, bare feet

Grade 1 onwards
Black leotard, shimmer tights, purple belt, jazz shoes

Black leotard, footless stirrup shimmer tights

Jazz Medals
Unlike the other exams, jazz medals are performance awards and parents are allowed to watch the performance. The children doing these medals will require a costume to dance in; specific guidance will be given by class teachers.

How does the exam session work?

We hold exam sessions approx 4-5 times per year. Your child will bring a little white slip home from class if they have been entered for an exam with details about the exam, date and cost. If it’s their first exam, you will need to register them with the exam board, full details on how to do this are shown on this website. Please check exam wear, details are found on this noticeboard and also on the website, if in doubt please check with Rachel or send us a message.

Approx 2 weeks before the exam we will post a timetable up on the noticeboards showing you a time for your child’s exam.

Usually your child will need to be brought to CJ’s 1 hour before this time, as they will need to get ready and have their hair French plaited. For some younger exams we may amend this information regarding hair style and timings so it’s always best to check specific information for each exam session, this is posted on the wall by the exam notice board, usually two weeks before the exam session.

Exams can sometimes run early and we need to have children ready in plenty of time. On exam day you bring your child to the usual front entrance of the school, dressed in their exam gear, or they can change in the bean bag room if required.

We will check you have arrived and will have hairdressers to do hair for those who need assistance with this, although it’s always great if dancers come with their hair already done. Please bring your own hair bands and grips if you need hair done at the school.

Children will wait with parents until called in to the hall. One of the teachers is allowed to go into the exam session with the very youngest children.

The children will be taken in in groups of 3 or 4 and their exam session length will vary depending upon which grade is being taken. Parents wait in the waiting room. (For jazz medal sessions, parents will be called in when it’s time to watch).

For silver and gold mimes and any rose awards, children are given a medal/trophy at the end of the exam. All other exams take between 2 and 4 weeks for results and certificates to arrive and these will be given to pupils in lessons.