CJ’s Coronavirus update: 17/3/20

Dear Parents and Carers

I’m sure many of you will be aware of yesterday’s Government update on the current situation and so we have some changes and amendments that will be made as a response to the advice, these will take place from today.


As schools are currently being kept open, we will keep our classes running at the usual times at this stage. (However, we do realise that this may need to change at some point in the near future and we have some plans for this, so please keep an eye out for emails and on our Facebook page).

We are going to do the following things to help minimise social contact and keep things hygienic:

1) We have now got a supply of hand sanitiser, so as well as extra cleaning of handles and surfaces etc, we will remind children to wash hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser.

2) During lessons we will not be doing any physical contact work, so no lifts, close partner work etc and we will spread children out across the two studios.

3) We will allow children to be dropped off up to ten minutes earlier than their class time to slightly stagger the entry of people into the grounds, we will meet children at the front door and escort them through to class. Wherever possible, adults collecting and dropping off children need to remain outside in the grounds and we will bring children to meet you – similar to what happens in schools. This will avoid a crowd in the corridor which is not ideal at this time.

Dance Show

The government have now advised the public not to visit social places such as cinemas and theatres, the Malthouse theatre has also temporarily closed, therefore we need to postpone our Dance Show.

Our show was due to go ahead on Saturday 4th April at the Malthouse Theatre in Canterbury, but unless we are advised otherwise, we will now have our usual classes at CJ’s on this date instead.

Please be assured that this is just a postponement and not a cancellation. We have been in contact with the Theatre who have very kindly allowed us to transfer our show to another later date, so we have provisionally rebooked it with theatre for Saturday 4th July.
Any tickets that people have bought to watch the show will be transferable to the new date, the Theatre will be in contact with you about our specific show, we are aware that a general email has gone out from the Theatre but you will get a further one explaining the ticket situation for our show in due course.

We are thankful that we will still be able to do our show but it will just be at a time that is safer for everyone. The dancers have worked very hard on their routines and we will keep these going during lessons as well as teaching syllabus work alongside this in lessons from now on.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and if anyone needs to ask a question or has a query then please feel free to send us a message.

Many thanks the CJ’s team