Tap dancing is a strongly rhythmical dance form that draws on many traditions. This discipline places an emphasis on the mastery of using the feet as a percussive instrument and develops co-ordination, timing and a strong sense of rhythm.

Dancers follow the B.T.D.A. Programme of Study which equates to a G.C.S.E on reaching a Grade 5.

However the opportunity to take Rose Awards in the early stages is encouraged. Nothing is nicer than receiving a trophy for your efforts especially when you are new to a dance style.

Although the steps are learnt to more traditional music, in the school’s shows the pupils talents and individuality are promoted as the full scope of tap comes alive.

Show numbers in the past have included latin, street tap, and cabaret style routines. The younger members of the school use theme tunes and recognised characters to show off their budding talents.

Of all the dance forms tap is one where it is so easy to focus on the negative. It is the only style where you can hear your mistakes but, if you turn this to a positive aspect you can hear when it’s right too.

With practice tap can be so rewarding and you certainly never forget how to perform a time-step or a shuffle for the rest of your life.

Classes in tap are offered from Pre-School as part of the Tiny Toes class, to Advanced Level. All Major qualifications being accepted by Universities when applying for courses.