Street Dance

This is a fun up beat dance style where anything goes.

There is no right or wrong answer to Street Dance, its all about interpreting the music with the use of your own style.

Street Dance is a lesson which really develops a dancer’s confidence as they learn more about exploring movements and listening to the music.

It is a highly performance based subject which involves captivating the audience within the dance routines.

The atmosphere within the lessons energy packed, with all students supporting and encouraging each other to discover new movements and styles.

As part of the Street Dance lessons the students can perform at local displays which CJ’s take part in our stage performances, here they get to show off all their hard work and funky style.

Street Dance is suited to people of all ages who enjoy music and have plenty of energy to bring to the class. Within the lessons we work on fitness, develop technique, routines, and encourage personal style, confidence and performance.

All this is done to some of the latest music around adding a twist of old school and R n B music

The lessons are great fun and inspirational where everyone is welcome.


Tuesday is our Street Dance Night with classes to suit different ages