Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz is a very popular dance form that makes extensive use of a wide range of music. Dancers at CJ’s learn the basics through a variety of exercises including barre and centre exercises, flexibility and elevation work and routines. As a dance style it is more athletic and requires co-ordination, concentration and stamina but is also great fun to learn.

Pupils work to improve their flexibilty and gain an increasingly stronger body alignment within their dancing. All dancers who take Medals in Jazz undertake training in Modern Jazz since, this gives them a strong foundation on which to base their dance routines.

Although music used for examination exercises is laid down by the B.T.D.A. when choreographing a dance routine, the teacher is able to utilise the strengths of the individual/group and devise a routine which complements their style.

This gives the syllabus work purpose and pupils the chance to embrace the new styles currently popular in their community.

A great sense of achievement is felt by pupils on achieving a certain goal in Modern Jazz, whether that be the perfect splits or a sensational cat spring.

These goals motivate the dancers to work on their strength and suppleness and not only improve their Modern work, but also every other form of dance they study.

As with Ballet and Tap, students obtain a G.C.S.E. equivalent on reaching a Grade 5 and accreditation is given by Universities to students gaining Major examinations when applying for courses.

The results in Modern Jazz examinations are extremely high and pupils are regularly praised by examiners on their standard

Various lessons are available from Prep through to Advanced to cater for all ages and abilities.