Lyrical is a very expressive style of dance in which the danceruses their movements to reveal the meaning of the music and share their emotion with the audience. Students are encouraged to be creative within this discipline and explore their dance ability. This style has a strong influence from Ballet and uses these techniques throughout; this is fused with Jazz and Contemporary creates a strong emotive dance style.

Students at CJ’s follow the BTDA Programme of Study for Lyrical in which the students take exams to help them continually develop to the next level of their training. Within the lessons a routine to slow lyrical music is learnt which is then either used as part of an exam or towards one of our shows. This encourages the students to use their emotions and work on their movements developing fluidity and strength.

The lessons are relaxed and dynamic enabling students to learn a great deal about their bodies’ movement and the importance of timing and interpreting the music.

Lessons are available to cater for a variety of ages and levels.