Ballet is the basis of all dance disciplines and is strongly encouraged at CJ’s. Pupils follow the Programme of Study developed by the B.T.D.A. which promotes the importance of correct and safe technique along with artistic and dramatic presentation.

As dancers progress their flexibility, strength and endurance develops and movements become increasingly graceful and effortless. It is a well known fact that one can always spot the lifetime changes that ballet makes to an individual’s poise and movements when the discipline has been studied for a few years.

Ballet is probably one of the hardest dance forms to study but a strong foundation in this discipline opens many doors in the dance world and any pupil wishing to pursue a career in dance is wise to have studied this art form.

However alongside the hard work all dancers participating in this subject also have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Show where they can demonstrate their achievements to family and friends. A variety of music and ballet interpretation give the chance to perform a fun entertaining routine appropriate to the age and experience of the pupil.

Ballet is offered to all who attend CJ’s from the Pre-School children with their Tiny Toes class, who are able to take Baby Mime Awards which show development of basic co-ordination, timing and poise to those pupils studying graded examinations.

A Grade 5 in this subject is equivalent to a G.C.S.E. while accreditation is given by Universities to those dancers undertaking Major examinations when applying for courses.

Ballet is certainly a very rewarding discipline to study and being a ballet dancer is certainly the dreams of many young children.

Various lessons are available to cater for a variety of ages and levels.