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CJ’s Dance and Fitness has been established now for twenty seven years and provides one hundred young people the opportunity to participate in various dance forms every week. For many youngsters CJ’s becomes a huge part of their life throughout their educational years and their final show is a tear jerker for both teachers and pupils.

CJ’s offers a purposely equipped dance studio with mirrors, ballet barres and semi-sprung wooden flooring. This professional but friendly atmosphere nurtures the dancers of tomorrow whether they perform as a hobby or aspire to a dance career.

Over the years the established dance forms such as Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz have continued to flourish at the school and still provide the basis for new styles and dance trends. However with the ever evolving world of the Performing Arts, change encourages new people to gain insight into this creative world. CJ’s prides itself in offering a dance style to suit all tastes. Recently a new class has been added to the timetable, ‘Contemporary/Commercial’ taught by Professional Dancer Niamh Connor and open to any dancer of secondary age. Weekly classes include, Street Dance, Acro Dance, Contemporary/Commercial and of course the traditional favourites, Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz.

With such diversity on offer it is imperative that the teaching staff reflect the needs of the pupils attending. Thus CJ’s have dedicated teachers who excel in their special field, whether that be the teaching of young children, teenagers or senior pupils. All teachers regularly attend courses to keep up to date and hold all necessary qualifications as required in order to qualify for the “Recognised School Status.

Every year three examination sessions are held at the studio with the pupils achieving extremely high standards. On these days the centre is scrutinised down to the finest detail, from quality of the facilities on offer, to organisation and technical standard of the dancers. CJ’s is very proud therefore, that for the last eighteen years a ‘Centre of Excellence’ has been awarded to the school during every session.

In addition to exam work all pupils have the opportunity to take part in Shows, Months of hard work go into the production from the choreography to the designing of hundreds of costumes. On the night it is hard to believe that the show is being performed by children who are all amateurs.

CJ’s has also been involved with the Mardi Gras Team for many years and have performed at many prestigious venues including Her Majesty’s Theatre, Sadlers Wells, Disneyland Paris and the magnificent Royal Albert Hall. We have also performed at Alton Towers with Chance2Dance. Dancers are treated like real professionals from the team and this coupled with the hours of rehearsals put in at the school and high expectations of all involved, ensures performances to be proud of. These experiences certainly pave the way for many of CJ’s aspiring professionals.

The aim of CJ’s from the start was to create a dance and fitness centre for everyone that was fun, friendly and yet allowed all pupils and participants to achieve a high standard, whatever level they wished to attain.

CJ’s…….Enabling Excellence!